School: LUCA School of Arts

Director: Elke Vanoost

filmmaker's profile

This is an encounter between two strangers at different stages of their lives. They walk through the city as it is waking up. Croisé shows an intense, prolonged moment between two strangers meeting, arguing, connecting and then separating again.


Duration: 19 min.

Country: Belgium

Language: Dutch, French

Year: 2017

Genre: Fiction (Drama)

Topic: coming of age, Human Relationship, Relationship

Cast & Crew

Director: Elke Vanoost

Producer: Elke Vanoost, LUCA School of Arts, Anne Balloon

Writer: Elke Vanoost

Actors: Anouk Fortunier, Mountassir Khammal, Quinten Léon

Festivals & Awards


Student Short Competition - Film Fest Gent (BE)