School: USC – University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts

Director: Sigin Ojulu

filmmaker's profile

After tragedy strikes, a meek Ruby Oliver enters a broken VR game for a last chance to see the dead - little does she know that this game treats all girls as a virus as she fights to save herself.


Duration: 19 min.

Country: United States of America (USA)

Language: English

Year: 2019

Genre: Fiction (Comedy)

Topic: Action, Adolescence, African, Black, Brotherhood, Childhood, Children, Cinema, coming of age, Crime, Death, Family, Fantasy, Fear, Horror, human conduct, Human Relationship, Love, Media, Murder, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Youth

Cast & Crew

Director: Sigin Ojulu

Producer: USC

Writer: Sigin Ojulu

Actors: Jimmy Jean-Louis (Rodney Oliver) ; Kira K Pinkey (Ruby Oliver) ; DeCory (Marty Oliver) ; Sebrina Purcell (Maya Oliver) ; Cozy DesRoches (Emily Breckenger) ; Sigin Ojulu (Rebecca Flint) ; Francisco Covarrubias (AI / Shooter) ; Cameron Forbes (choir member) ; Janelle Poirier (Emily’s mother) ; Johannes Aspegren (Emily’s father) ; Raphaella Dreyer (Emily’s school teacher) ; Cheryl Dent (Ruby’s school teacher) ; Chellee Ray (grown up Ruby) ; Alexander Zhang , John Michael Murphy , Salil Khaladkar (2050 Next Level Board Members) ; Irina Slepneva (reporter) ; Sami Martin Sarmiento (Oliver family doctor) ; Jim Patneaude (church community leader) ; Charles White , Junior Aristide , Rachel Kamuriu , Yaa Amissah-Aidoo , Justice Rankins , Marissa Kimble , Pennie Vincent , Daniel R. Lawson Jr. , Cameron Lewis , JAde Miller (church members) ; Noah Dobson , Graham Schultze , Brady Wolfgram , CJ UY , MAdison Barrick , Elena Murray , Sophia Robertson , Daisy Koprowski , Yaslene Perez , Hailie Plagmann (Emily’s classmates) ; Jaelin Sandoval , Liam Bosman , Ryan Ramierz , Tori Carew , Shanni Menna , Penelope Vickers , Samantha Munitz , Victoria Kelemen , Mary Jo Mendoza , Angela Rocchio (Ruby’s classmates) ; GArth Sodetani , Alexander Dean Williams , Tom Chung , Tracy Eliott , Regina Daye Allen , Megan Clancy , Paul Adeyemi (2070 Next Level Board Members) ; Cara Ruetz (News anchor #1) , Francisco Covarrubias (News anchor #2) ; Alexander Zhang (Next Levl Tech Specialist)


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