As If I Am

School: The Maaleh School of Television & Film

Director: Meitar Libl Flam

filmmaker's profile

Through paint, camera, words, art, dream and fantasy this young artist explores how the images that lurk in the corners of our minds can frighten and destabilize us. When these are brought into light and given artistic shape, they become less shadowl


Duration: 8 min.

Country: Israel

Language: Hebrew

Year: 2021

Genre: Documentary, Experimental

Topic: Art, Biography, coming of age, Documentary, Fear, Loneliness, Women

Cast & Crew

Director: Meitar Libl Flam

Producer: The Maaleh Film School

Writer: Meitar Libl Flam

Actors: Chen Cohen Sarah Choukrun Matan Frank Rina Fine Vered Yaari

Distributor Company: The Maaleh Film School

Festivals & Awards


Student Academy Awards



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