A Short Moment

School: hessische Film und Medienakademie (hFMA)

Director: Julian Gerchow

filmmaker's profile

It is a coming of age drama about two 17-year-old teenagers. Both take refuge in groups they do not understand. The neo-Nazis ambush the fugitives with fatal consequences for one of them. Before they take revenge, a way out appears in a dialogue.


Duration: 26 min.

Country: Germany

Language: German

Year: 2020

Genre: Fiction (Drama)

Topic: Adolescence, Adventurous Person, Brotherhood, coming of age, Economic status, Friendship, Friendshipwar, Idendity, Immigration, Racism, Relationship, Society

Cast & Crew

Director: Julian Gerchow

Producer: Hochschule RheinMain

Writer: Julian Gerchow

Actors: Dino Niethammer Burak Ugurlu Richard Aphery Andereas Berger Gian Luca Rausch Gedeon Höfer Abid Ciplak

Distributor Company: 7 Palms Entertainment, LLC



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