A Gold Friend

School: LUCA School of Arts

Director: Ruben Vandenborre

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In “A Gold Friend” we follow the nine-year-old Victor, an outsider who’s having trouble finding his place in the world. He has no friends, until the day he buys a goldfish, without his father’s consent.


Duration: 13 min.

Country: Belgium

Language: Dutch

Year: 2017

Genre: Fiction (Drama)

Topic: Animals, Childhood, Children, Family, Friendship, Loneliness

Cast & Crew

Director: Ruben Vandenborre

Producer: Ruben Vandenborre

Writer: Ruben Vandenborre

Actors: Jules Dezuttere - Victor Wim Danckaert – Vader Line Pillet – Line Jacob Ooghe – Jerome Mieke De Groote – Lisette